Postdoctoral position on neurodevelopmental biology

The Biomedical Sciences Research Laboratory at the Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción (UCSC) offers the opportunity to develop postdoctoral research on the field of neurodevelopmental biology.

The research line in which this position is framed involves the study of the cellular and molecular mechanisms controlling the development of the cerebral cortex and their relevance to the origin of neurodevelopmental disorders. Thus, experience on induced pluripotent stem cells biology, animal models, general cellular biology and/or cellular neurophysiology is desirable.

The successful candidate will participate in designing and executing experiments, analyzing data and preparing manuscripts for submission among other tasks related to a postdoctoral position. The position involves working with an interdisciplinary team of basic and clinical scientists using experimental, clinical and bioinformatics approaches. A strong dedication to working in a team is therefore essential.   

Applicants should have a PhD obtained within the last 5 years since the selected applicant will be supported to apply for external funding to the local funding agency in the frame of the upcoming “FONDECYT postdoctorado 2020” initiative. Regardless of that, internal funding allows for sooner starting date. All relevant information and CV can be sent to